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Q & A: Music and Control-Freakiness

Anonymous: You seem to have a hand or three in every aspect of production….Have you ever/do you ever plan to compose music for your films?

My response: Let me address the control freak bit first and then circuitously wind my way toward an answer to your actual question.

My habit of sticking my fingers into every slice of Filmmaker’s Pie is the eventual result of having been forced to work that way when I started out. It’s hard to find a long list of willing collaborators when one’s resume is still thin, and even harder when that scenario unfolds in a sleepy Southern town whose residents seem to take pride in only claiming actually to do things. So it made sense to work nearly (and in some cases, completely) alone when I started out as a filmmaker. It continues to make sense because that early rogue sensibility infused my thought process; I made a virtue out of it in order to allow myself to keep going. It simply became the basis of my artistic personality.

Now, music: I have, in fact, scored my own films in the past. Short Change (one of my earliest mid-length “shorts”) is one example which comes to mind. Would I consider doing it again? Maybe. It would depend on the film. I can imagine scoring one kind of film myself, and on another kind of film collaborating with a composer. This is all academic (at the moment, at least), however, because I currently have very little interest whatsoever in the inclusion of music in my films.