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Q & A: “joltcity” Follows Up

joltcity: My ideas change and evolve, but after about a year or so I can’t maintain my interest in a script without radically reinventing it– for example, turning a delicate romance into a bitter, hateful, nihilistic “comedy” or vice-versa. Do your ideas ever muta[…]

my response: [Oops, it looks like the last part of your question got truncated.] When I say that one of my ideas shifts and mutates, I don’t mean to imply that it often slides entirely into a different thing altogether; usually the changes that take place in my mind are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. It’s funny how a fairly small shift can make an entire project seem fresh and exciting again.

I will say that in the case of HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE, I had originally intended to make a fairly straight drama–in the end, the result was a rather dry comedy. The basic story remained in place, but the tone of it went in an unforeseen direction. My current project is different in that it’s remained largely what it was when the idea first came to me seven years ago–although it’s since shifted around quite a bit on the surface level.

Q & A: “joltcity” asks, “How do you maintain interest in projects over a long span of time? Or does it just come natural?”

I’m no better at maintaining interest in a project over time than anyone else is, really. You may roll your eyes now if you ask this question with the knowledge that I’ve been turning the scenario for my current project over in my mind for oh, let’s say seven years.

I do get bored with an idea after a while. Fortunately, no idea, when left simmering, ever stands still. It shifts and changes its own shape. It evolves and mutates. One fortunate side effect of that process is that no idea ever allows itself to get old.

That’s how *my* ideas work, anyway.

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