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Ugh, Adobe.


Fun Fact!

Johnny Mathis–ever the prankster–would always cut two versions of each song he recorded: one for the record, and one in which all the nouns in the lyrics were switched to “fart.”

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Robot bug.

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Cause or cure?


Somebody hire me, so I can quit being this snarky.


Always read your press-release copy aloud.


Find The Cohens.

In 1989, Vahe Katros (who incidentally played the lead in The Glass Slipper) bought a photo album–which dates from 1938–from a guy who had spread a blanket at a park in Brooklyn. The man who sold it to him suggested that he discard the photos and use the cover for some other purpose, but Vahe decided he wanted to attempt to track down the children of the photos’ subjects. Maybe you can help him find them. 

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Robot Dances to Banjo Girl

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(Video: Ginger Carden)

I just unsubscribed…

…finally, from Engadget’s RSS feed. And it feels good.

Same old HP

According to Michael Moritz’s Return to the Little Kingdom, while working at HP in the mid-Seventies, Steve Wozniak and some of his colleages attempted to convince the company to get into the production of microcomputers. They were told, “HP doesn’t want to be in that kind of a market.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same.