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Ginger at Pescadero Beach.


Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance? from Jarrod Whaley on Vimeo.

A dance film, featuring Ann Law and Dennis Palmer. And Fred and Ginger.

Caltrain is shit.

You can’t just cancel, at the last minute, a train that people depend on in order to get to work, and then just vaguely hint that some other train might or might not come by at some vague later time (if the conductor fucking feels like it). Caltrain, you are shit. No one can depend on you, which is why no one rides you, which is why your coffers are empty.

World IPv6 Day

Anyone else having problems loading Web pages today due to the IPv6 test? I’m having problems with several Google sites, of all things–and on Google’s hardware/software, even.


Elevator music used in THE GLASS SLIPPER

I actually recorded this on my iPhone and then used it in the film.

Surely not a Business Camp for monkeys.


Girl. (Photo Credit: Girl.)


Is Vahe lurking distantly in every photo ever taken?


Taken just after our sold-out 2nd show at Cinequest.



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