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Compare Desks 12 Years Apart

The first photo is my desk in 2000, when I lived in France. The second is my desk today. I think much can be seen about the ways in which the world has changed in those 12 years–and I also think much can be seen about how I have changed.

What Eduardo Saverin Owes America (Hint: Nearly Everything)

It’s like a dine-and-dash, only far, far bigger.

Media Executives Are Morons

So “content creators” have their panties all in a wad over Aereo, a service which allows subscribers in New York City to watch live television over the internet. They are dumb, stupid idiots:

Broadcasters also claim that Aereo threatens their license agreements with services like Hulu and would effectively kill advertising revenue — networks say there’s no viable way of tracking online viewership.

Great point, dumbasses. It’s a computer. It can track viewership. A television cannot. So, that was a really effing stupid thing to say, you jackass.

I like Chris Welch’s rebuttal:

These arguments seem rather hard to justify when you consider Aereo is extending the distribution of what’s already offered for free.

Yes, exactly. What are they supposed to be losing, anyway? I’m sick to fucking death of these media companies keeping us in 1957. It’s 2012.

Paralyzed Woman Completes Marathon

Once every six thousand years, something happens which makes this whole human experiment seem worthwhile, for about five minutes.

O’Reilly Media on Piracy

Finally, a non-moronic opinion on digital piracy:

I am pretty confident that if you did a demographic study of the people who grab torrents and unauthorized content off the Internet, the majority of them would not be economically able to pay the prices on the products. Another data point to think about is when you were in college, was the money you spent on books a good experience as you saw your beer, food, date, clothes, and incidental money fritter away on books?

Hendrickson sees piracy as a form of marketing. Yup.

Stop It, RIM, You’re Embarrassing Everyone

Just look at this garbage. I’ll bet you close the window the second the talking begins.

This is all the proof you need–outside of using one of their devices–in order to understand just how quickly RIM and Blackberry are swirling down the shitter.

Avengers Press Screening Deleted

Maybe at first this seems like evidence supporting the idea that it’s stupid to take everything digital. Then, when you think about it, you realize that when your 35mm print gets shipped to the wrong place, you can’t just download another one in two hours.

Side Note: Who cares? It’s yet another damned superhero movie.

Paul Miller is Leaving the Internet For One Year…

…but he’s still going to write about technology. I have to say, I’ve considered doing the same more than a few times.

It’s Time to Close the Curtains to Google’s Beady Eyes

I’ve been using DuckDuckGo exclusively for my Web searches for a few days. It’s fast, it returns highly relevant results, and the company cares about privacy. Something about Google seems to have hit a tipping point lately. Their newly unified privacy policy and the “search plus your world” business just provide further evidence that Google is a creep. We’ll leave the fact that their search results are often full of useless cruft out of this, for now.

Let me make something clear: I never used to worry much about online privacy. Google just wanted to show me ads that more closely aligned to my interests, right? There’s a nice (if snarky) distillation of that point of view over at Adweek:

Can somebody please tell America that advertisers don’t wake up in the morning and perv-search terms in order to start some office betting pool on who you’ll be dating next?

While I agree with Ms. Cullers’ assertion that advertisers aren’t as a general rule concerned about our private peccadillos (barring the odd exception, naturally), I still find it more than a little creepy to think that there’s a massive database of info about every tiny little thing I’ve been interested in since the turn of the millennium. Maybe Google (or the government) won’t use it against me, but it’s still there. We don’t use nuclear weapons very often, but they’re out there, and they suck.

If you’re still on the fence, DuckDuckGo’s privacy policy is a pretty convincing document.

UPDATE, June 29, 2013 12:50 PM: We certainly have a new perspective on privacy now, don’t we?

Behind the Mask

Here, revealed for the first time–well, okay, not really, I found this video over at Dangerous Minds–are the dirty secrets of professional wrestlers. Use this information wisely.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0m3MHmw7Go&w=420&h=315]