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Ouch (Again).

A couple of years ago I took an opportunity to gloat over what seemed even then to be a relatively slow growth rate in film industry earnings from films presented in 3D. I noted then that despite all of the boosterism, nobody wanted to see their Underwear Heroes in the eye-poppingly ugly third dimension. It seems that revenue is declining even further.

Digital Spy:

A report compiled by Fitch Ratings concluded that overall cinema attendance will drop this year due to both a lack of franchise films (compared to 2012) and audiences tiring of paying extra for 3D.

Sure, people are going to see fewer films in general, which is not a good sign. Or is it? Maybe it means audiences are just broke, but I’d also like to think that paying $25 to watch Childish Garbage About Flying Underwear through crappy paper glasses has simply gotten boring.

Here’s an idea for the studios: every once and a while, you might consider releasing a film an adult human being with upwards of six neurons might want to watch. Or, go ahead and continue targeting your releases at microencephalitics and 16-year-olds who’d rather just stream things from Netflix. Older demographics grew up seeing films in theaters. Just a thought.