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Zach Braff: Wish He Wasn’t Here

So much hysteria has been floating around about this Zach Braff Kickstarter campaign that you’d think I’d want to just stay out of it–but no.

Here’s Braff:

Anybody that understands business will understand that most business investors are not taking 100% of their own money and investing it into their projects. They’re investing some of their money, and then going out for equity partners who invest with them. What’s revolutionary is that instead of four rich guys, I’m going to what may be 50,000 people who become my financiers. [emphasis mine]

Look, let’s put aside a couple of things: 1) the fact that Zach Braff is an insufferable knob, and 2) the fact that Garden State is somehow even more off-putting than its creator (quite a feat). And let’s note that the outrage over this whole experiment of Braff’s is even more ridiculous than the experiment itself. The world is far too ugly to get all upset over something stupid like this.

Here’s a very simple point: rich people shouldn’t be begging poor people for money; they should stick to begging the other four rich guys. When you’re a rich guy and the other four rich guys turn you down (they surely turned Braff down, given Garden State) you ask another four rich guys. You don’t stand on the corner in your fine suit and gold watch, asking for quarters from tourists. Go down to the bank and make a withdrawal, son. Or look up this word: loan.

Look, Insufferable Knob, you can do whatever you want. It’s a “free country”; beg the plebes. Just be aware that you look like a giant ass while you’re doing it, and that people are going to point that out. Don’t whine about it when people notice the obvious.