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Quick DayOne Entries on OS X

In a previous post, I outlined my method for rapidly firing off a DayOne entry using Drafts for iOS. I’d like to follow up with a couple of methods I’ve devised for doing what amounts to the same thing when I’m sitting at my Mac. Sure, it’s not that big a deal to open up DayOne, wait for the app to load, enter a passcode, hit the ‘new entry’ button…but all of that takes a little longer than I’d like it to when I just want to jot something down quickly and then get right back into what I was doing. So I’ve come up with two solutions to this problem: one is a very simple workflow for Alfred 2, and the other is an OS X System Service.

A Note on Dependencies

For everything below, you’ll need to have DayOne installed, and also the DayOne CLI. For the Alfred Workflow, you’ll obviously need Alfred 2 (with the Powerpack).

Alfred 2 Workflow

For those unfamiliar with it, Alfred 2 is an app for Mac OS X which facilitates all sorts of actions based on text entry. Broadly speaking, it falls into the “launcher” category of apps, but it can be tweaked for use in all kinds of really cool ways.

My DayOne Quick workflow is very easy to use. You pop open an Alfred prompt, type “doq,” enter your text, and hit RETURN. That’s it–your entry will be added to DayOne in the background, and you’ll receive a system notification of the action’s success (configurable to use Notification Center in 10.8 “Mountain Lion,” or Growl, depending on your preference). Just install the workflow linked below, and you’re good to go.

GitHub Link:

DayOne Quick.alfredworkflow

OS X System Service

The Alfred workflow is good for quickly jotting down a single paragraph when you don’t want to be distracted from what you’re actually working on, but it’s not the best way to write anything complicated. I pretty much live in a text editor most of the time, and I wanted a way to write a DayOne entry in Markdown right from within BBEdit. So I put together an Automator service that I can trigger with a quick keystroke. It takes selected text and then pushes it to a new DayOne entry. Install it and customize it to use whatever keyboard shortcut you like.

GitHub Link:

Clip to Day One.workflow

There You Go

With these workflows installed on your Mac and in using my Drafts action on your iOS devices, you’ll be able to write in your DayOne journal as quickly as possible on all of your devices. Less fiddly clicking and tapping, more getting things done.