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Surprise, Surprise

I’m assuming that you’ve all heard about Sean Parker’s nuptial ‘Fuck You’ to nature, California, and humanity already. This little tidbit, however, seems to have gone without much notice:

The Coastal Commission checked out the area on May 1 after receiving a tip about the construction in late April. Two days before the wedding, Parker signed a settlement agreement that allowed the wedding to go on.

Let me get this straight. A billionaire shitmuncher (who made his billions, incidentally, by A) facilitating widespread theft and B) doing cocaine with the right people) decides illegally to build a bunch of ugly crap in a rented grove of ancient, endangered redwoods. He is found out before the planned event. He is permitted to carry on, so long as he coughs up a little somethin’ somethin’ ($2.5 million). Shithead wins, world loses.

There’s nothing at all that surprises me here. I’d offer some wish that he be met with justice, but of course “justice” only happens to poor people.