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Fargo.io Is Getting To Be Pretty Cool

Dave Weiner’s fargo.io Web-based outliner app is really turning into something quite useful. It hasn’t even officially reached Version 1.0, and already it’s pretty much just as functional as any native application I’ve seen. All of the usual outliner tricks are possible, but it also allows for other cool things like posting directly to WordPress sites (this post was itself written on fargo.io). Furthermore, it uses Dropbox to save files and settings, so your data and setup will travel with you from one system to another.

I could see an entire productivity system coming together around this app; the one thing holding it back may be that support on mobile platforms isn’t quite what I’d like it to be. The app runs just fine in a mobile browser, from what I can tell, but a lot of the application’s functionality depends upon keyboard shortcuts that only really work on a hardware keyboard.

Still, the app shows a lot of promise, and new features are being added all of time. It may not be long until fargo.io reaches a tipping point and becomes an indispensable tool for productivity nerds. I already think it’s one of the best-executed Web apps ever.

UPDATE, 3:33 PM: I just came across this page, which explains how to use fargo.io to send items directly to an RSS feed. There are some interesting publication possibilities here, not to mention collaborative possibilities. Cool feature.