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Sean Parker Proves Again To Be a Total Jackwagon

Kevin Roose for New York Magazine:

Parker is so upset about his cruel treatment at the media’s hands that he wrote a 9,500-word essay-manifesto for TechCrunch detailing, at great length, the names he was called after the media began picking on him, the philosophy behind his wedding, and his views on the evolution of the media. […] The essay’s title is "Weddings Used to Be Sacred and Other Lessons About Internet Journalism," and lo, it is a masterpiece — a love story, a Greek tragedy, a media rumination, a parable for our times, all wrapped up in one self-defensive package.

If Sean Parker could truly wear an ass for a hat, it would need to have the mass of Jupiter. My favorite bit: someone, somewhere apparently called him a "douche canoe."

Is anyone really surprised that it was TechCrunch who decided to publish Parker’s verbal diarrhea?