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Inventor of Computer Mouse Passes Away

From John Markoff’s piece on the death of Douglas C. Englebart for the New York Times :

Then it came to him. In a single stroke he had what might be called a complete vision of the information age. He saw himself sitting in front of a large computer screen full of different symbols, a vision most likely derived from his work on radar consoles while in the Navy after World War II. The screen, he thought, would serve as a display for a workstation that would organize all the information and communications for a given project.

It’s hard to imagine anything that has changed the world more rapidly and more profoundly than the seemingly banal computer mouse. Remember, it changed everything about how humans interact with computers: there were no icons before its introduction–no kind of GUI at all, really. It was all text. Talk about leaving a legacy.

I find it hard to believe sometimes just how far personal computing has come in my short lifetime. When I was a kid, you had to program the computer yourself, and it was connected to a giant cathode ray tube. And now we have jerkwads walking around with computers on their faces. Crazy.