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A Nice Man Showed Him A Chunk of His Vas Deferens

Sam Davies on his vasectomy:

Most long-term birth control involves regularly putting chemicals into a woman’s body. Kat was wary of the side effects that come with different types of female contraception. If there was a pill that I could have taken I would have taken it, but the patriarchy is a bitch. Since we were D-O-N-E done, there was an option that made sense for our family: a vasectomy.

I’ve always thought there was something a little nightmarish about birth control pills–all those uninvited hormones can do weird things to a person. If a couple is sure they don’t want a(nother) baby, there are a lot of ways, other than weird chemicals, to get there. I applaud Sam for taking the ballsy choice.

I’m not sure about that photo of the scissors, though.