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Man Creates Symbol for “The”, At Great Expense

Behold the kooky tale of the zany Australian guy who decided he’d just unilaterally change the way our language is written–which will totally work, because he’s the God of the English Language:

Famous Australian restauranteur Paul Mathis has invented a new symbol that he hopes will replace the word “the” in everyday communications. Written much like the cyrillic [sic] letter “Ћ” and pronounced “th,” it’s a typographic ligature of an uppercase T and a lowercase h.

And here’s my favorite part:

Mathis has invested around $75,000AUD (around $68,000) into developing the symbol…

Oh, really? It costs that much money to lay an “h” on top of a “T”? I would have assumed it’d never cost more than $30,000.

I wonder what he’d say if he knew enough about the history of the language–the one he alone can advance with his brilliant and original innovations, mind you–to know that we already have not one but two symbols for the dental fricative: þ and ð. And they’re free!