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Handing Out Your HBO GO Password May Land You In Jail

Jenna Wortham writes, for the New York Times, about the growing trend of sharing TV streaming service passwords with friends:

[Last] Sunday afternoon, some friends and I were hanging out in a local bar, talking about what we’d be doing that evening. It turned out that we all had the same plan: to watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones. But only one person in our group had a cable television subscription to HBO, where it is shown. The rest of us had a crafty workaround.

If you truly want to protect your property, mightn’t it make more sense simply to come up with an authentication method more advanced than Cold-War-era solutions like passwords? Or–I’m just spitballing here–maybe realize that some of the people “stealing” your shows are the same people who would pay you for them if you would let them?

Media corporations (let’s talk about legislators some other time) still can’t figure out which century this is. I often hear the argument that they are “attached to their entrenched assumptions,” and that they “simply wish to preserve their existing business model,” etc. I understand the desire to stick to something that works–until it quits working. At that point, maybe it’s time to change your approach. I mean, if you’re not a damned idiot.