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Is the Retina iPad Mini Delayed Due to Issues With iOS 7?

Sam Oliver for Apple Insider :

China’s Economic Daily News […] said that though Apple originally planned to launch a Retina iPad mini this fall, it may be delayed until the first quarter of 2014. As such, the rumor suggests that a second-generation iPad mini will not launch this year.

I don’t normally like to bother with discussing Apple rumors, but this bit about the next-gen iPad Mini seems suggestive of a couple of things:

  • There’s really no hardware problem I can think of that might cause a delay like this; Apple has already shipped multiple retina displays at sizes / resolutions both smaller and larger than that needed for an iPad mini–so maybe there’s some kind of software problem at issue.
  • The whole reason the first iPad mini shipped without retina was the fact that iOS apps would need to be re-written for a new resolution—so they gave the screens the same resolution as the first two full-size iPads. However, now, the coming resolution independence in iOS 7 will mean that apps can be built without targeting a specific resolution, therefore paving the way for a retina iPad mini.

The above taken as givens (which may or may not be a stretch), maybe we can conclude that iOS 7, itself, will not be ready until early in 2014. What other reason would Apple have to delay the iPad mini and miss the holiday sales spike? It all just sort of adds up.