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A Few Honest Questions About Google’s Future

  1. If this Reuters story has all of its facts straight, what exactly is Google’s long-term strategy?
  2. By a very wide margin, ad revenue is where Google’s money comes from—but the cited article says that these revenues are shrinking. Given the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps are diminishing the puissance of the open Web as an advertising platform, what’s the next move? Does Larry Page have some kind of underwear-gnome-like plan which eludes the foresight of outside eyes?
  3. Will Google suddenly start raking in money thanks to a social network that no one uses?
  4. Is flushing $13 billion down a world-sized toilet in exchange for an unprofitable hardware manufacturer suddenly going to become a brilliant idea?
  5. What is their silver lining—where is Google’s next profitable breakthrough? Is it the douchegoggles? Really?