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Who Knew It Was This Hard To Give a Film a Title?

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Gregg Kilday details the terms of a petty title dispute between the Weinstein Company and the MPAA. Apparently, TWC would run afoul of MPAA rules if they entitled their film simply The Butler. Check out the Byzantine insanity which guides the approved new title, Lee Daniels’ The Butler:

[A]ll letters of all words in the title must be in the same size and prominence as the size and prominence of the word ‘butler,’ except that if the name ‘Lee Daniels’ is used in the title, then ‘Lee Daniels’ must be of a size of at least 75% and of equal prominence of the word ‘butler’.

I expect nothing less that utter inanity in anything involving the MPAA, but this is beyond laughably ridiculous.