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SIM Card Vulnerability Opens Millions of Phones to Attack

Pierluigi Paganini writes, for Security Affairs :

A serious vulnerability on SIM cards used in some mobile phones has been found, exploiting the flaw an attacker could eavesdrop on phone conversations, could install malicious applications on the device or it could impersonalize handset’s owner. The discovery is very concerning, the vulnerability could compromise the security for 750 million mobile phones.

You can barely look around recently without encountering yet another potentially disatrous security breach which affects millions of unsuspecting people. As Moore’s Law leads to faster and faster computation—while our encryption methods seem to advance and propagate at a slower rate—breaches and catastrophes are only going to become more and more common1.

Nohl revealed that it is possible to exploit the vulnerability in less than two minutes using a common PC.

In the words of the great philosopher, “yikes!”

  1. Get ready for a neverending stream of calls from your mother, your father, your aunt, your cousin, that one guy you used to work with who knows you’re some kind of geek or something, your neighbor’s friend, etc.