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Strap a Computer To Your Head, Why Not?

There’s a great piece by Gary Shteyngart on the novelty of Google Glass in The New Yorker:

The man with the glasses is lying on the couch at his psychoanalyst’s office. The pink rectangle floats before his eye. The man begins complaining about his glasses. In the first week, he’s supposed to wear them only one hour a day, but he can’t help himself. He’s been wearing them non-stop and now it feels like his right eye is bulging out, and also he feels nauseous and has a throbbing headache somewhere to the right of the bridge of his nose.

There’s the first commercial for Google Glass, right there. And at the end, his eyeball pops out through sheer strain, and it rolls along the floor, up to the camera. As it comes to rest, the Google Glass logo appears. Someone steps on the eyeball. Splat.

They’ll sell a hundred of these things!