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Dropbox Doesn’t Care About Its Own Product

I’d noticed that many of the files in my Dropbox aren’t syncing lately–and with file sync being the central and defining feature of Dropbox’s service, I found the situation to be…suboptimal. That being the case, I filed a support ticket. Three days later, I received the following non-response from some Python script running on a cron schedule on some forgotten server:

Dropbox's idea of support.

It takes giant balls to respond to one of your users like this. Why would anybody want to give money to a company with this much disdain for the people it purports to serve? Combine this with a growing distrust of pretty much all online service providers, and I kind of have to start thinking about jumping ship–and telling everybody I know to do the same.

Oh, You Didn’t See That Facebook Post?

John Moltz on Facebook’s goofily incomplete “News Feed”:

When the algorithm gets in the way of showing you what’s happening now, if you have to wait until the next day or go below the fold to see what happened last night, how is your medium any better than a newspaper?

Facebook has really become a giant abortion of theology and geometry, and every day I’m amazed to see that users aren’t kicking it to the curb en masse. Something this bad–something this disdainful of its users–really can’t be awfully long for this world. People will always get tired of eating crap…eventually.

Google Executive Murdered By Prostitute on Yacht

NBC Bay Area:

A woman police describe as a high-end prostitute has been arrested on suspicion of murder after allegedly injecting heroin into a tech executive on his yacht in Santa Cruz and leaving him to die when he overdosed.

This is bizarre and sad. Silicon Valley does seem to be a new Hollywood.

A Flexible Random Number Generator on iOS

My girlfriend manages a retail store on the Web, which entails a lot of marketing via social media. She likes to run a weekly promotion on Facebook in which a prize is awarded to a randomly selected “liker”1. When she first conceived the idea, she didn’t really have a means of properly choosing a winner with any real amount of randomness2, so I thought I’d cook up a little Python script. I realized that something like this would be a handy little utility for my own purposes, and I also knew my girlfriend would be asking for random numbers with some degree of regularity. Those two conditions being the case, I decided I’d like to write something that could be easily fired from an iPhone or an iPad with minimal effort. The script below meets those requirements fairly well, I think.

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