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White People Are (Wrongly) Scared

Here’s Max Fisher of Vox on Trump’s little rally yesterday:

The conspiracy theory also feeds into far-right fears about demographic change, and a belief that, as white Christian Americans lose their demographic dominance, they will come under physical threat as well.

These fringe extremists see the world as divided into racial and religious groups, and believe that they are already under imminent physical danger from people who look different from them. Within that warped worldview, pre-emptive violence against their perceived enemies would be entirely justified.

This phenomenon strikes me as perhaps the driving force behind most–if not all–of our country’s current political stinkpit. White people assume that sharing privilege is tantamount to losing it. Men assume the same when it comes to feminism. And homophobes, when it comes to marriage equality. "If everyone is a person, I suddenly lose some of my special personhood," so the thought goes.

We’ll get past this ugly moment eventually, and even if we never attain a grand utopian society of equality, we’ll get ever closer to it. Meanwhile, the bigots and the ignorant misanthropes will foam and gurgle at the mouth, and they’ll die angry and bitter and sad.

It might almost be fun to watch them lose, if they didn’t have assault rifles.