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LinkLocker Is A Private Bookmarking App

I’ve been working on a private bookmarking service called LinkLocker, and it’s now in quasi-public Beta live. I wrote a big post on the LinkLocker blog yesterday about why I think the world needs a service like this; here is the upshot:

I’m feeling pretty fatigued with the whole notion of living my life permanently in public, and I decided to make a bet on the idea that I might not be alone in that feeling. […] I decided there might very well be a terrific market opportunity for an online service that does a few rather simple things:

  • It lets users store links (and useful metadata about those links) behind a simple and comprehensible human interface;
  • It lets users keep their stuff to themselves—it doesn’t scan the bowels of your mind for advertising opportunities, and it doesn’t just leave the doors to your mind wide open to prowlers, creeps, and thieves;
  • It’s just a place to put stuff, rather than a place to put stuff while casting furtive glances at the Pope behind a coy-yet-paradoxically-exhibitionist guise of socially dictated extroversion.

That joke about glancing at the Pope will make more sense when you read the full post. Anyway, check it out if this all sounds interesting to you, and feel free to request an invitation to try out the Beta.