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This graph (taken from The Economist–I saw it on davidbordwell.net) visualizes the flaccid flop that is theatrical 3D exhibition. Think of all the money the theater chains have wasted in installing the technology. 


Alejandro Adams on THE GLASS SLIPPER

For HammerToNail: “The Glass Slipper doesn’t drift off non-committally in the de rigueur style. It has a perfect ending, not only tidy but inevitable. And that may be the film’s most remarkable and marketable aspect: its purposefulness, its thrust, its ability to carry us to a destination. The final scene is executed in a nihilistic deadpan, and we’re left to muse that life can be profoundly tentative, even hopeless. And gosh that sure is funny.”


To the Unknown Critic / Festival Programmer:

Regretfully, your correspondence was truncated by some character limit imposed by formspring, the service which powers the Q&A function of this site, and with which you attempted to write me. I am unable to read your entire message, and have unfortunately no way to write you back. Please contact me directly, if you see this, at: jaimetout [AT] gmail. Thank you, and I apologize for the confusion, as well as for the necessity of this public reply.

Veronika Ferdman reviews THE GLASS SLIPPER

For Slant Magazine:

The Glass Slipper, set in Palo Alto, [is] an anti-fairy tale of sorts, with no the-shoe-fits-so-all’s-perfect happy end—and no Cinderella. The sometime handheld, natural light aesthetic serves the material well; there’s no reason to glamorize and play dress up when the world’s filled with rotten, poison apples.


Look of the Week #2 (3.11.11 – 3.17.11) from MizViz on Vimeo.


Vahe Katros (who plays the role of Ermir) and I are interviewed by KFJC’s Robert Emmett on the subject of The Glass Slipper and its Cinequest 21 premiere. Joining us in the studio are Joseph Sims (director) and Steven Caldwell (producer), there to discuss their film Bad Behavior, a North American premiere.

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Cynthia Corral’s Review, THE GLASS SLIPPER

See the full text of this review at Cq.Central.com.

“[The Glass Slipper makes] you feel a lot of ways:  awkward, uncomfortable, dislike, disappointment, disgust, sympathy…not always the most pleasant feelings, but I say it’s better than feeling like a zombie for 90 minutes.”




“Landscape View” – Metro Silicon Valley

Check out Richard von Busack’s in-depth Metro cover story about The Glass Slipper, its 3/9 premiere at Cinequest 21, me, Ginger, Vahe Katros, and Jewish doctors who offer soup to the sons of genocide victims–among other things.

Trailer, THE GLASS SLIPPER. Premieres March 9 at Cinequest.

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