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VIDEO: K. Paige Burns Dances (Unawares) [THE GLASS SLIPPER]

On the set of The Glass Slipper (at Pigeon Point Lighthouse on the California coast), K-Paige keeps the party going while Whaley (boringly) prepares to shoot some footage of Vahe Katros. Video by Ginger Carden.

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Q&A: Easing In

Alejandro Adams: I have certain techniques for getting myself and my cast and crew into a given production–like doing logistically daunting (impossible?) scenes right out of the gate. You seem to “go easy” on your people, pace yourself. What are the advantages of this?

My response: It’s not really a matter of “going easy” on people (though I’m not a big fan of torturing the talent for my own artistic gain, à la von Trier or Lynch). I just find that neither I nor my cast has gotten acquainted enough with the characters to do the complicated, tricky scenes right off the bat. I like to start with simple little First-Act scenes which are meant to introduce the characters to the audience. I want the cast to “get to know” their characters in more or less the same way the audience will.

Shooting THE GLASS SLIPPER, 8/4/2010

Shooting THE GLASS SLIPPER, 7/31/2010 (photos: Alejandro Adams)

Meet the (Primary) Cast of THE GLASS SLIPPER

Logging footage, THE GLASS SLIPPER


Interview, Review of HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE at Eye For Film

Here’s the interview, and here’s the review.


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Another from the test scene shoot, THE GLASS SLIPPER


VIDEO: K. Paige Burns Slates a Take

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