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On a Digital Ocean

I switched the site to a VPS hosted at Digital Ocean yesterday1, and I’m really happy with the result. Pages are loading with blazing speed, thanks to their stellar bandwidth and the fact that all of their plans come standard with SSD drives. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone willing to build a server from scratch (it’s unmanaged hosting, which I personally consider to be a plus, since everything can be configured exactly as one pleases); so far, I think it’s fair to say that this is the best hosting I’ve ever tried. Their documentation is thorough and easy to follow, and it covers pretty much every major use case I can imagine. Give them a spin if you’re in the market for a VPS.

Did I mention that plans start at $5 a month, and that you only pay for what you actually use? You can even spin up a server and use it for an hour or two and pay only an hourly rate. Pretty good stuff.

  1. That’s an affiliate link, FYI 

All Film Downloads 40% Off This Week

This sale is over.

For one week only–from today through June 17th–downloads of my films are 40% off. The two features are $6 each (regularly $10), and Passion Flower is just $3 (regularly $5). Grab them at this price them while you can.

Changing Directions

I got tired of maintaining two blogs, and decided that it would be better all around if I just merged them. So I’ve imported all of the content from my now-defunct Thin And Cantankerous blog, and will be posting all of my writing on this site from now on. There will, then, be a mix of posts about movies, about culture, and about technology. I think most people are interested in all of those things to some degree; now I can cover them all in one place.

Downloads Are Currently Suspended

It seems that I vastly underestimated the technical requirements that come with selling downloads of this size and with this frequency; I need to upgrade the site to a more complicated and more costly server set-up. This kind of thing is what’s called “working out the kinks,” I suppose. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t catch this issue before I went public, but that just how this stuff goes sometimes.

For the time being, I can’t offer any video downloads. I’m trying to resolve this situation as quickly as I can. If you’re interested in buying one or both of the films, hang tight for a while longer. Look for updates here on the site, on Facebook if we’re friends there, or on Twitter.

Both of My Features Are Now For Sale, DRM-Free

For years now, the first question anyone asks me is often “how can I see your films?”—and for years, I haven’t had a good answer to that question. I was working on it. They’d “hopefully” be on Amazon or iTunes or Netflix or in a DVD box “pretty soon.” Now that a couple of years have passed, I find that when I get into these conversations “hopefully” has become “regretfully,” and “pretty soon” has turned into “someday.”

I got tired of waiting for Someday. More importantly, I got tired of waffling my way through so many conversations without providing any good answers. So as of today, I’m going to sell 720p downloads of both of my feature films (Hell Is Other People and The Glass Slipper) for $10 each, with no DRM. The files will be playable on pretty much any computer or device out there, and they ought to be pretty easy to stream onto your television (see below).

Let me try to anticipate a few questions you might like to ask about all of this:

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I’d just like to mention my new Twitter account, which is meant to align with the content of this blog more cogently than did my other, primary account. Follow. Thanks.