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Red Wine Rant

A substance which pleasantly inebriates–and therefore renders one wobbly–ought not to be the most stain-producing substance in the world. If there were a god, and he were smart, he’d fix a problem like this on the first day his toy-world were set in motion.

And don’t give me any kind of shit about the Bible’s god being judgmental with regard to imbibation. His own son made a beeline for a carafe of water and turned it into hooch. “Look at this, guys, it’s a party!” It’s not as if turning water into lemonade were somehow less miraculous.

Dreaming of liberty.


IF YOU CARE, the petulant teenager of green brands.


It should probably be called AS IF YOU CARE, ASSHOLE.

The glass may be less than half full, but there’s a full bottle somewhere close.


Hmmm. Bile? Is that what I’m tasting?

I just saw an ad for a yet-to-be-released movie motion-tracked into the background of a scene in a years-old sitcom episode, and then a full commercial for that movie appeared one minute later among the other commercials. Perhaps after I quit barfing up my pancreas I’ll start to think about a new profession.