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HTML-Formatted Screenplay Text With Fountain Scrippets

I’m a big fan of Fountain–it’s a simple plain-text syntax for writing screenplays which can be easily rendered to various standard formats: PDF, Final Draft, etc. It’s a bit like Markdown for screenwriting.

I plan to write an extended post about the format and my experiences with it pretty soon, but in the meantime I wanted to call attention to a cool, easy way to display properly formatted screenplay snippets in HTML pages: scrippets are a series of blogging / forum-software plugins designed for just that purpose.

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My Fiddly Idea-Tracking System

I’ve been using Drafts on iOS for a while now. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s an app which facilitates the quick capture and easy organization of text. One of the things I use it for is taking quick notes about ideas which might occur to me as I’m going about my day. I’ve set up a Dropbox Action which facilitates that process: I think of something, fire up Drafts, type a quick note, and then send it to a Markdown-formatted plain-text file called ideas.md. I can then open up that file later in any text editor, and see all my ideas in one place. It’s been really, really handy.

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I Try To Spend 30 Minutes A Day Just Thinking

The world has become so noisy and full of disjointed stimuli that I feel like many of us don’t often get a chance to just let our brains run wild–and that because of that fact, we’re probably missing out on a lot of really good ideas. So I decided that on those days in which I’m in my office, I’d make thinking my only task for a solid half-hour–focused thinking about whatever writing project I might be in the midst of, about my next Rémy Brick-Head comic…or about nothing in particular, with the hope that some new idea might present itself. I also decided that I’d decide upon a hard, non-negotiable set of parameters for this thinking time, so that I’d stay on task and not get distracted. Below are my self-defined “rules” for myself.

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