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Let’s Think of Piracy As Free Marketing

This whole debate about whether Adobe’s subscription model is a good idea or not brings to mind a lot of arguments I’ve been making for years about all “pirated” media. Trying to ignore the fact that people are going to copy your software (or film, or music) is myopic and insane–that’s just the way the world is. What’s more, today’s pirates are tomorrow’s paying customers. Here’s Rick Webb on the fact that his piracy of Photoshop ended up making Adobe a ton of money:

So, by my calculation, I have now personally overseen the procurement of well over $250,000 of Adobe software through the years. Software I learned through piracy. Piracy that gave me a career.

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Ugh, Adobe (redux)

butt ugly

The mind reels at the thought that Adobe–a company almost wholly devoted to the sale of software for creative professionals–seems either unable or unwilling to hire a graphic designer. Behold this icon. No, Adobe, “doo-doo brown” is not a pleasing color for an icon.

Granted, I don’t wish to say that the above Adobe Ideas icon is the worst piece of crap that Adobe has excreted. That dubious distinction belongs to another.