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Stop It, RIM, You’re Embarrassing Everyone

Just look at this garbage. I’ll bet you close the window the second the talking begins.

This is all the proof you need–outside of using one of their devices–in order to understand just how quickly RIM and Blackberry are swirling down the shitter.

What’s a Name Worth?

Some people will do anything for a WWDC ticket:

WWDC tickets are non transferable this year, so naturally I’m willin to legally change my name to yours in order to buy your ticket. To sweeten the deal I will perform the following duties on your behalf for one year:
– Jury duty
– DMV license/registration
– Any of your court ordered community service up to 40 hours
– Visit your senile grandfather once a month
If your name happens to be Jebodiah there is an extra $500 bonus.

–via Daring Fireball.

Annoying Updates

Does anyone find it annoying when Apple’s “Software Update” pushes RAW camera support updates to all users, whether relevant or not to all users? I don’t (currently) use a camera to which these updates might apply. And even if I did, I likely wouldn’t have this exact camera. Irritating.



Buy Our Product, But Please Don’t Use It

Newsflash: a 2GB data plan lasts about ten minutes over a fast connection. Can you imagine any company other than a wireless carrier getting away with this sort of thing? Imagine a milk company which:

  • charges you $30 per month for one cup of milk;
  • makes you sign a contract which stipulates that you’ll owe them $600 if you buy milk from anyone else over the next two years;
  • forces you to use their own crappy bottle with a leaky mouth;
  • etc.

Why do we put up with it? Because the biggest two of the four major carriers in this country have conspired to use this insane business model (though T-Mobile throttles after 2GB, and Sprint still has unlimited plans–for now). We really have no other choice. So enjoy your cup of milk and shut up.

I’ll leave the excoriation of the Wall Street Journal for conflating this issue with Apple to others.

It Turns Out That Sausage Is Mostly Wholesome Meat

This American Life has just issued a retraction of its popular episode “Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory,” in which monologist Mike Daisey recounts horror stories about working conditions at Foxconn’s factories in Shenzhen, China. While I’m not surprised to learn that Daisey modified the truth a little bit, I am a little bit disappointed in TAL for presenting the story as fact.

Anyway, let’s not forget that even if these factories aren’t quite as hellish as they’ve been painted to be, working in them is still not quite the same as working in an American factory. And let’s remember that every single object we buy is made in factories like these–not just our gadgets, which we are apparently fixated upon because of some kind of guilt.

iCloud Sucks at Email

iCloud sucks at mail

I see this fifty times a day. Do you?