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Facebook Considers Another Pointless Venture

Jeff Blagdon writing for The Verge (he’s actually just quoting from a Wall Street Journal story to which I won’t link because it’s behind a moronic paywall):

The WSJ reports that the project has been in development for over a year, meaning it was already in motion before Google announced its plans to shutter its Google Reader news aggregation app in March. The app is reportedly designed for mobile devices, with no mention made of a web app.

The internal name for the project is Reader […] [emphasis mine]

Facebook is stretching itself too thin. I really think they need to focus on what they already do: mine gigaterrapetamegabytes of useless, quotidian data from teenagers and old people, and then show them ads for brick-and-mortar retail stores on the other side of the planet. Get really great at that, first.