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The Surface RT Died Because It Sucked

Cody Fink at Macstories :

[U]ltimately Microsoft decided people wanted their desktops on their tablets so they could use Office, forgetting that that’s the thing people wanted to get away from. The irony is that the tablet that was supposed to offer more choice than the iPad ended being the compromised experience.

Yeah. Show me a single person, anywhere, who actually likes using Microsoft Office. And it was their selling point.

Microsoft Lies Baldly In Response to New Snowden Allegations

Pierluigi Paganini, via Security Affairs :

Edward Snowden has issued new top secret documents demonstrating the intense collaboration between Microsoft and US government, in particular the whistleblower revealed the support received by the NSA that obtained by the company the access to encrypted messages into its products. Microsoft designed specifically backdoor into Outlook.com, Skype, and SkyDrive to allow government agency to spy on online communications.

They’ve flatly denied every single allegation asserted in these new documents. I suppose we can trust them with our data now. And certainly none of the other big tech companies will be caught in a lie, immediately.

Microsoft Announces Groundbreaking Thing Competitor Already Does

Tom Warren reporting for The Verge:

Google Docs has long supported real-time editing with multiple users, but the Office Web Apps have been fairly basic when it comes to editing documents alongside other users. Microsoft is planning to change this over the next few months, and the company is demonstrating the changes this week.

Congratulations, Microsoft, on catching up to where your competitors were years ago. You’ve been doing that a lot lately, and it seems to be working really, really well.

Internet Explorer Is Slowly Dying

From Lifehacker:

According to digital analytics site StatCounter, Google Chrome has passed Internet Explorer as the most popular web browser with 31.88% of the world’s web traffic.

Good. May it die a fiery death. IE has always been horrible. It doesn’t comply with web standards, so designers have to do all sorts of lame, hacky things to ensure their sites won’t look like ass on IE.