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The Five Dumbest Android Phones That Will Be Launched Before Lunchtime

  1. “HTC SWERVE HD XT2 3D with Beats Audio and a Can Opener”
  2. “Samsung Galaxy Sii “Wind” 4D Touch Lite 2.7″
  3. “LG BrickWad 9”
  4. “Sony-Ericsson p19m8JnkOMFGh9187”
  5. “Sony-Ericsson p19m8JnkOMFGh9187 3D HD PCP LSD”

Peter Travers speaks, and thereby invents Light.


Three pullquotes on a banner ad for Drive–all of them from Peter Travers. That must mean it’s a good movie, because Peter Travers is in no way a ridiculous joke of a man. But I guess we knew it was a good movie already, right? The title has like, double meanings and stuff.

My favorite thing about this pathetic ad: Travers’ star rating is in quotation marks. He literally uttered the sound of stars. Peter, thou art Lord.

Forgot your password? Less likely: do you remember it?

Am I seriously alone in being nearly driven to murder by the sheer number of times daily I have to type meaningless, hard-to-remember gibberish (in the form of imminently hackable and insecure user / pass combos)? Ever spend 15 minutes typing in 57 different variations of your sign-in info, only to visit another site 20 minutes later and repeat that process? I realize this is becoming something of a white whale for me, but for Dog’s sake, there has to be a better way to do this!