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All Film Downloads 40% Off This Week

This sale is over.

For one week only–from today through June 17th–downloads of my films are 40% off. The two features are $6 each (regularly $10), and Passion Flower is just $3 (regularly $5). Grab them at this price them while you can.

Both of My Features Are Now For Sale, DRM-Free

For years now, the first question anyone asks me is often “how can I see your films?”—and for years, I haven’t had a good answer to that question. I was working on it. They’d “hopefully” be on Amazon or iTunes or Netflix or in a DVD box “pretty soon.” Now that a couple of years have passed, I find that when I get into these conversations “hopefully” has become “regretfully,” and “pretty soon” has turned into “someday.”

I got tired of waiting for Someday. More importantly, I got tired of waffling my way through so many conversations without providing any good answers. So as of today, I’m going to sell 720p downloads of both of my feature films (Hell Is Other People and The Glass Slipper) for $10 each, with no DRM. The files will be playable on pretty much any computer or device out there, and they ought to be pretty easy to stream onto your television (see below).

Let me try to anticipate a few questions you might like to ask about all of this:

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I (along with Braxton Pope and Ross Bigley) was recently interviewed by Jennie Kermode for Eye For Film on the subject of funding a film with Kickstarter. Here’s the piece.

Judy Verona Joseph Interviews me for ON THE TOWN.

Here’s the full video of an interview of me conducted by Judy Verona Joseph of the San Jose TV show On The Town. In it we discuss the world premiere of my film THE GLASS SLIPPER at the 21st Cinequest Film Festival in early 2011. The video is presented here with the permission of the producer.

The Glass Slipper is available here.

Elevator music used in THE GLASS SLIPPER

I actually recorded this on my iPhone and then used it in the film.

Is Vahe lurking distantly in every photo ever taken?


Taken just after our sold-out 2nd show at Cinequest.


Alejandro Adams on THE GLASS SLIPPER

For HammerToNail: “The Glass Slipper doesn’t drift off non-committally in the de rigueur style. It has a perfect ending, not only tidy but inevitable. And that may be the film’s most remarkable and marketable aspect: its purposefulness, its thrust, its ability to carry us to a destination. The final scene is executed in a nihilistic deadpan, and we’re left to muse that life can be profoundly tentative, even hopeless. And gosh that sure is funny.”


Supply your own caption.


Veronika Ferdman reviews THE GLASS SLIPPER

For Slant Magazine:

The Glass Slipper, set in Palo Alto, [is] an anti-fairy tale of sorts, with no the-shoe-fits-so-all’s-perfect happy end—and no Cinderella. The sometime handheld, natural light aesthetic serves the material well; there’s no reason to glamorize and play dress up when the world’s filled with rotten, poison apples.