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Imagine You Have No Arms

Imagine for a moment that you have no arms. You can’t do so, because you definitely have arms. You might think about not having arms for a minute, and pity the armless, and then you pick up your glass of lemonade without realizing the armless do not have such capacity. You might even see an armless man ask someone for a straw, and you might be the one to provide the straw. He’ll thank you. He needed it. He appreciates it. And then you’ll go home and make yourself a sandwich, thinking about how you helped that armless man drink his lemonade. You’ll rightfully feel as though you helped him. Meanwhile, he will lack a sandwich.

He’ll thank you for the lemonade, but will still need the sandwich after you’ve left. He won’t hold your relative resourcefulness against you, necessarily. He’ll just wish he were able to put meat on bread and lift it to his lips.

He can imagine making a sandwich. He can imagine eating it, tasting it, feeling normal.

You’ll never even realize how good your sandwich tastes.