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Twitter Fakes Tweets From Real Users to Promote Its Own Ads


The tweets look completely real, but SFGate discovered that while the Twitter users who are featured are real, their tweets are not. The users featured raving about TV commercials never said anything of the kind, and were unaware their profile pics and accounts were being presented in a post on Twitter’s blog sent out to hundreds of thousands via the @Twitterads Twitter account and retweeted to more than 1.5 million.

I previously would have thought that only Facebook could be this slimy. Go ahead, Twitter, start talking me out of using your service.

Tweet Like A Nerd

Are you a nerd? Want to tweet from the command line? Try Luka Pušić’s bash script. Works on Linux and OS X.


I’d just like to mention my new Twitter account, which is meant to align with the content of this blog more cogently than did my other, primary account. Follow. Thanks.

AA, JW on BK (on Twitter)

Much is revealed, I think, in this exchange–not just about our respective readings of Buster Keaton films, but about our respective approaches to producing films.

ALEJANDRO ADAMS: “Saw Sherlock Jr. Sorry but The General and Steamboat Bill Jr are so much better than this meta-for-its-own-sake stuff that excites academics”

JARROD WHALEY: “Agree. STEAMBOAT BILL JR. is superior on every level. It’s worth remembering, though, that this was before Barthes, et al.”

AA: “The metacomment(s) on the nature of film editing are tiresomely cerebral compared to organic sprawl of General & Steamboat.”

AA: “This notion of every shot containing an idea–I find myself craving shots that banish ideas altogether. A film as a bared muscle.”

JW: “No argument at all. STEAMBOAT, GENERAL are magic. SHERLOCK shows how the tricks are done.”

JW: “The ideas ought to exist between the shots–in the cuts.”