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Textastic Code Editor Expands URL Scheme Support

A new version of Textastic was released today for both iPhone and iPad, and among the new features are iCloud syncing and some fairly deep support for the x-callback-url specification. Creating, opening, and appending to files are all supported actions, and a healthy list of parameters allow for all sorts of potential manipulations.

One especially cool usage is detailed at the bottom of the API documentation; it makes it easy to grab a Web page’s source HTML from within Safari–and I suppose it could also be used to receive a server’s error responses for debugging purposes. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of that one feature alone.

Using the x-cancel Parameter On iOS

Eric Pramono at Geeks With Juniors has written up a very helpful tutorial on the use of the x-cancel parameter within x-callback-url actions. I haven’t made much use of x-cancel yet in my own URL actions for Drafts, but Eric makes a good case for their usefulness. Worth a read.