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The Glass Slipper (2011)

Running Time: 83 min. | Color, NTSC 24p 16:9 | IMDB | FACEBOOK

THE GLASS SLIPPERA naive (and pious) girl decides to seek a bit of adventure and to leave the small-town life behind. Taking on a job as a live-in nanny in the household of a disintegrating Silicon Valley family, she is charmed by the worldly wit of her dour employer’s ex-husband. As he begins in turn to express some interest in her, she must decide just how adventurous she’s prepared to be.

Hell Is Other People (2009)

Running Time: 75 min. | Color, NTSC 24p 16:9 | IMDB | Official Site | FACEBOOK

HELL IS OTHER PEOPLEMorty can’t seem to make heads or tails of anyone; himself least of all. And to make matters worse, all he’s got in his pockets is a collection of heads and tails. What if he were to go into business for himself? He’s got a Jeep, and there are plenty of empty parking lots in the seedier areas of Chattanooga. Anything to make a buck, right? By the way, he likes the way you smell, sexygirl. Want to go out with him?

Passion Flower (2007)

Running Time: 20 min. | Color, NTSC 24p 16:9 | FACEBOOK

PASSION FLOWERWhen dancer Ann Law found herself facing breast cancer, she carefully weighed her options with respect to her body. She decided she wanted to confront recovery directly–so she opted to have a tattoo of a passion flower drawn over the scars left in the wake of her operation. This film documents–with vérité-style footage of the tattoo’s actual application–a person’s defiant stan against cancer.