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Passion Flower (2007)

Recovery is an act of creation.

Synopsis: When dancer Ann Law found herself facing breast cancer and a double mastectomy in 2007, she carefully weighed her options with respect to her body. Prosthetics and reconstruction felt like ways to hide from what had happened to her, and she decided she’d rather confront recovery directly. As an artist, it seemed to her that a creative solution would make more sense to her both physically and emotionally, so she opted to have a tattoo of a passion flower drawn over the scars left in the wake of her operation. This film documents–with vérité-style footage of the tattoo’s actual application–a person’s defiant stand against cancer.

Running Time: 20 min. | Color, NTSC 24p 16:9

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“[I]n Passion Flower because the relationship between the movie-apparatus and its subject is like a membrane so permeable that inside and outside become indistinguishable, irrelevant even, all to the extent the idea of cellular-anything — in the case of the film, “the filmed” itself — dissipates in the second before becoming metaphor. […] But enough about the ‘cinema’ of the piece. Passion Flower (a film without a score) makes an appeal above aesthetics. That is, all tribal trappings aside, don’t let yourself be fooled by the shaman who says that happiness comes only from within. These cells are transitory and delicate: cherish the women that you love and hold dear, and take nothing of them for granted, — as this present’s a gift.”

“This is a quietly powerful look at one woman’s story, told with delicacy and passion. The final tattoo is beautiful, though not quite as remarkable as Ann’s spirit.”
–Amber Wilkinson, EYE FOR FILM

  • Jarrod Whaley: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
  • Ann Law: Producer
  • Marya Murphy: Producer