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The Glass Slipper (2011)

A fairy tale. Without a fairy. Or magic. Or happiness.

Synopsis: A naive (and pious) girl decides to seek a bit of adventure and to leave the small-town life behind. Taking on a job as a live-in nanny in the household of a disintegrating Silicon Valley family, she is charmed by the worldly wit of her dour employer’s ex-husband. As he begins in turn to express some interest in her, she must decide just how adventurous she’s prepared to be.

Running Time: 83 min. | Color, NTSC 24p 16:9 | IMDB

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Vahe Katros Ermir Karagosian
Kelly Lou Dennis Felicity Maxwell
K. Paige Burns Sam Karagosian
Maria Fagan Maria Karagosian
Denise Amrikhas Denise
Holly Conroy Holly
Ira Emsig Max
Joletta Hardman Joletta
Kristina Lindsay Amber
Mahender Patel Mr. Patel
Paul Robinson Paul
Steve Singleton Airport Steve
Charlie Thiel Charlie
Robert van Natta Bob
  • Jarrod Whaley: Writer, Director, Producer
  • Ginger Carden: Producer, Boom Operator, Costumer, Set Decorator
  • Leslie Evers: Executive Producer
  • Cynthia Corral, Jason Wiener: Co-Producers
  • Scott Burland, Elaine Ewing, Paul Robinson, Mary Szmagaj, Jenna Z. Wilson: Associate Producers
  • Alan Chang: Production Sound Mixer