I make films. I'm also a nerd.

Other Projects

OS X / iOS / Unix Geekery

I get really annoyed with the slowness and irritations that come with using computing devices, so I like to hack my way around those sorts of things. It’s easier to get work done when you’re no longer shouting at your computer.

Rémy Brick-Head

Rémy Brick-Head is a web-based comic strip which is updated twice per week (on Tuesdays and Fridays). The strip is based on a short animated film I made a number of years ago, and depicts the trials of an ugly loner who can never seem to catch a break.

The Black Button

My goofy one-man electronic “band.” Played on an iPad, recorded on a Mac. A few tracks:

The Best Thing I Ate This Week

TBTIATW is “a [quasi-]weekly podcast in which a couple of humans happily and tipsily discuss the best thing they ate this week.” It is hosted by the lovely Ginger Carden and yours truly.

Flotsam Sans Jetsam

FSJ is a big heap of stuff upon which I dump weirdnesses and oddities I encounter on the Internet.