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OS X / iOS / Unix Geekery

Automatically Back Up Files to Evernote With Hazel

An automated method of archiving files and backing them up to an Evernote notebook with the help of some scripts run by Hazel.

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Quick DayOne Entries on OS X

An Alfred 2 workflow for quickly adding DayOne entries, and an OS X system service that sends selected text to a new journal entry.


Super-Fast Journaling With Drafts And DayOne

An automated process for quickly writing DayOne entries in Drafts.app.

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QuickReminder.py – Quick iOS Reminders

This is a simple script which takes input from Drafts.app (required) and then schedules a reminder at a specified time interval (in minutes) via the iOS Notification Center.

Note: This script requires both Pythonista and Drafts.

Get the script:

Convert Markdown Files To HTML Files – OS X System Service

If you use a Mac and you have a big folder full of plain-text files formatted in Markdown and you want to batch-convert them all to .html files, this will do it. Download the .zip, unarchive it, and double-click the resulting package. You’ll then be able to select multiple .md (or Markdown-formatted .txt files, or whatever) in the Finder, right-click (or ctrl-click, if you’re nasty) on them, and select the obvious item in the menu. Bingo.

Note: This service presupposes that you have Fletcher Penney’s Multimarkdown installed in usr/local/bin. Edit the path in Automator if necessary.