I make films. I'm also a nerd.


First and foremost, I’m a filmmaker. I’ve also been known to do some design / development for the Web, and to do a bit of freelance design in other contexts (such as computing UI, for example). It’s also worth pointing out that I’m a bit of a geek.

A Few Pertinent Facts, And Also a Few Impertinent Ones

  • I am the writer / producer / director of two feature films: Hell Is Other People (external Web site here), and The Glass Slipper, both of which premiered at Cinequest Film Festival.
  • I’ve also made something like 25 or 30 short films in every genre imaginable.
  • I do other things, too.
  • I speak French fluently, and Italian quite haltingly.
  • I can write HTML, CSS, Python, (a little) PHP (when necessary), and English. I wish more people could write English.
  • My girlfriend is awesome.